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Wedding Favour Ideas

There is A LOT to remember when planning your wedding. One of the things that may slip your mind until the last second, meaning you have to just throw something together real quick, is wedding favours for your guests! Your guests are giving their time and money to celebrate you, so don’t forget to give a little something back!

So whether you are at the very beginning of your planning, or your date is quickly approaching and you still need a gift, we have some wedding favour ideas for you that your guests (and your budget) will love!

To start, think of what you would want to take home from a wedding. Try to keep your names and wedding date off the favours. If you were a guest, would you really want a cupboard full of shot glasses with other people's names on them? Maybe not. So make sure whatever you pick, is something you actually love, and that your guests can love just as much! Take a look at a few of our suggestions!


We all know how much plants have boomed in popularity recently, and how nice they can make your home! However, we have all been there: You get a new plant, you place it in your home on the perfect, aesthetic shelf, water it for about 3 days, forget to water it ever again, and a month later your perfect decor and housemate is a crispy, dry, mess. In comes the succulent! An easy, stress-free house plant, that your guests will want to take home! An added bonus? Super eco-friendly, and you can even support local by finding a plant nursery near you or your venue!

Hot Chocolate Bombs

Everyone loves a nice cup of hot chocolate now and then, especially in the colder months, so fall/winter couples, here is a great idea for you! These yummy treats have really become popular this year, and we can see why! A hardball of chocolate filled with hot chocolate powder and marshmallows makes this sweet treat even more fun to make. As a bonus, if your guests are going to be staying in a hotel overnight, hot chocolate bombs are a great way for them to be able to spruce up their morning, hotel room coffee! Mochas for all!

Custom Tea

Not only is a tea bag something your guests will be able to use and enjoy, but it can also be fun to make as a couple! There are lots of tea companies out there, and a bunch of them offer custom tea making! Choose between your favourite types of tea leaves, spices and flowers to create the perfect cup of tea that represents your love (or just the kind of favours you as a couple enjoy, hahaha!)

Venue Specific Favour

Getting married at a vineyard? Treat your guests to a pair of wine glasses! Getting married at a Sugar Bush? A small bottle of maple syrup is perfect! A Brewery? A can of a local artisanal beer it is! If your venue also operates as a different kind of business or manufacture some kind of product, buying right from them for your wedding favours is not only a loving touch, by tying your whole event together, but you may also be able to snag a deal on some bulk pricing! Win-Win!

Hopefully, some of these ideas got the gears turning for you, and when in doubt, Pinterest is your best friend in wedding planning! Regardless of what you choose, as long as you love it, your guests will too!


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