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We're Engaged!

We got engaged!

We let you all know a couple of weeks ago on our Instagram, but we wanted to fill you in over here on the blog! That’s also why our blog posting slowed down a little, but don’t worry, we have some content coming your way ASAP!

Whenever I thought about getting engaged, the backdrop of a global pandemic was never part of that picture. But hey, life is full of twists and turns! But now that we are planning our own wedding, this blog is going to serve two purposes: Helping you with your planning and booking needs, and bringing you along on the journey of planning our own big day! And we will definitely be dipping into some of these tips and tricks we post for you guys as well!

So our tip for this post, in terms of wedding planning, is to book your venue as soon as you can! Venues already need pretty advanced booking, but adding on all the weddings from 2020 that had to be postponed? You’re looking at some pretty big wedding backlogs to book around!

We know we want to wait out the pandemic so that we can tear up the dance floor safely, but that doesn’t mean everything has to wait! Booking your venue keeps the excitement going because it gives you a countdown and timeline (even if that is a 2+ year timeline!). BUT, make sure to talk about the pandemic when it comes to cancellation and refund policies! As this year has shown us, things can take a crazy turn at any moment, and you don’t want to be left high and dry. So ask about policies, and talk with your venue about adding in an ‘unforeseen circumstances’ type clause, for your own peace of mind (we will for sure be doing this!).

We have a full post about tips on picking your wedding venue coming next week, so keep an eye out for that! In the meantime, to all my newly engaged couples out there, congratulations! Enjoy this time, it’s so exciting! And don’t forget to start a Pinterest board, because let me tell you, when that quarantine anxiety sets in, looking at wedding colours and floral arrangements is a great way to calm down!


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