Family and Friends Song Shoutouts

Your wedding day should be all about you and your partner, but it’s always nice to be able to give a little shout out to the friends and family who helped get your relationship where it is! One of the best ways you can give a little tribute, or give someone a shoutout on your big day, is by playing a special song at some point during the night!

One of my favourite memories from my brother’s wedding a few years back, was when the dance floor was full, everyone having a great time, and then the song ‘Mom’ by Meghan Trainor coming on. Seeing my mom’s face light up at this cute little tribute was a wonderful moment, and only added to the evening!

So what could some of these moments be? Your parents are a great place to start! Be it their wedding song, a song from their childhood or a song you all listened to on family road trips and vacations, giving a little shout out to the people that raised you is sure to be a sweet moment everyone can share in.

Another great shout out to give is to a sibling! Is there a song that you always sing to in the car, or that reminds you of a shared childhood experience? Having it play on the dance floor will absolutely make for a wonderful photo opportunity of you and them, especially once you break out some classic dance moves together! I recommend the classic ‘Sprinkler’, it’s always a crowd-pleaser!

Don’t have any siblings? No worries! You always have your chosen family in your friends! We all have that song that plays in the club that makes you all down your drinks and hit that dance floor, singing along to every word. Or maybe it’s the song that reminds you of an awesome trip you have taken together, or that played in a restaurant when you all went out to celebrate a big life event together. Whatever it may be, your closest friends will love the chance to celebrate with you while also celebrating your friendship.

Lastly, as we mentioned in our last post, ‘Finding Your Perfect First Dance Song’, it’s always nice to have music at your wedding that every generation knows and can party to! So why not have a song play for your grandparents or older relatives, something that will bring a wave of nostalgia for them, while getting to sing along with you too! In our experience, the Beatles and Elvis are always great for this!

Whatever you choose, music is always a great way to incite memories and create new ones, and playing some songs that mean a lot to you and your friends and family is the best way to do both on your special day! You’re sure to get some great candid shots of dancing too, trust us!


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